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social responsibility
Every person is unique. Every individual has his or her own characteristics. Everyone has their own habits. We all have our differences, regardless whether small or large. Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It's our differences that make us unique. The balance of being is a constant internal battle we have to pick up and face with ourselves. And this internal battle can be different from day-to-day, depending on so many different aspects, such as our mood, our agenda for the day, the people we meet and the pressure we give ourselves to achieve our daily goals. Women are beautiful creatures, each with their own personality, characteristics and appearance. Every woman is a goddess, but not every woman is aware of this, which is a shame. Within this trend collection the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team tried to combine 2 things: the balance of being and the embracement of your inner goddess. For this collection we have chosen 6 types of goddesses, each with their own characteristic and meaning. Embrace your inner goddess - which can be different from day to day, from mood to mood, from moment to moment - and that even can be a combination of several feelings, moods or characteristics at the very same time! As the saying goes: it's the inside that counts! And this is the essence of our NEW trend collection for Spring / Summer 2020: THE BALANCE OF BEING – EMBRACE YOUR INNER GODDESS!
The parallel evolution of women and art over time resulted in diversified looks and designs which are outstanding in beauty, universal in feeling and feminine in shape. Eclectic movement and intellectual and expressive freedom go hand in hand when looking at the evolution of art over the last decades. The result is a huge diversity of many different contemporary designs in all kinds of arts globally. Modern art nowadays combines several functions and forms, colours and shapes into one piece of art, which even puts more emphasis on the eclecticism of the evolution of art. When looking at the evolution of women it is fair to say that women have managed to speak up, stand out and become more independent than ever before in history. No more restrictions or boundaries so women can be who they are meant to be. Because of this great development, women are free to say, do and express themselves the way they want to. This resulted in women being just as diverse in shape, colour, function, form and expressivity as modern art is nowadays. This parallel evolution of women and art inspired the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team to come up with a diverse, eclectic and beautiful trend collection, which combines feminism with strong design statements and functionality with energetic colour combinations. Architectural lines combined with luminous colours, functional design combined with metallic effects and (r)evolutionary forms combined with the nicest looks and hairdo´s: with EVOLUTION ART the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team created a new, creative, various and fashionable trend collection with futuristic elements that work like a hyper coloured portal to another dimension... With TRINITY haircare!
TRINITY haircare proudly presents: SWEET SUBURBIA the trend collection for spring / summer 2019 Having the best of both worlds, isn’t that something we all want from time to time? Living in the suburbs but enjoying the city. South and north. Back and forth. Fast and slow. Lights and shadows. Sun and moon. Just taking advantage of life and deciding for yourself what YOU want to do, how you want to do this, when and with whom! How sweet it is to enjoy life to the fullest and trying to have the best of both worlds ALL the time! Strong and independent women know how to do this! It is a matter of balance. Making decisions. Sculpting life into your desired form. Being a mom, girlfriend, wife, colleague, sport companion and manager of 1 million things during the day. Being a friend, party animal, sexual human being, in the spot lights with your power women gang during the night. This spring / summer is all about SWEET SUBURBIA! Having the best of both worlds. Only for those women who dare to make choices in life. Women who know what they want. Independent power women who blossom this spring / summer!
Stop living your life in black & white! Show yourself! Dare to come out and live life to the fullest! When people blossom, they become more attractive, successful, or confident, and when good feelings or relationships blossom, they develop and become stronger.
When nature blossoms, it shows the most beautiful colour patterns, colour effects and colour shades you can get a mind blowing and heart opening experience if only you allow yourself to open up for such magnificent beauty. Now imagine the spring / summer of 2019 where suburban, strong women explore the city, take the best of both worlds and take matters into their own hands!
With the strong colourful fashion, signature feminine hairstyles and a friendly, yet determined appearance that the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team has designed it is time to blossom... With TRINITY haircare!
Wabi Sabi is an open minded, relaxed way of looking at life, without the pressure of having to strive for the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect picture according to the general benchmarks of the Western culture. Leave things out, the beauty of imperfection, the power of ephemerality, floating on the seasons of life. Next to the fact it is a life philosophy, you see a lot of influences of Wabi Sabi in art, design and literature. Think about the a-symmetrical patterns and working with different structures and forms. Wabi Sabi shares a profound predilection for nature and the accessory processes, like the beauty of ageing. In fact Wabi Sabi reconnects you again with the beauty of everyday life and with nature. For good reasons nature is one of the most important pillars within the movement. Nature is the ultimate ´now´ or ´present´. Wabi Sabi of course is already an ancient Japanese movement, but it is, maybe now more than ever, completely applicable to the present time, where striving for perfection almost works oppressive for many of us. From the base of Wabi Sabi the European Artistic Team of TRINITY haircare made a translation into the more International look and vision on trends and fashion influences that will dominate the catwalks of the Fall and Winter season 2019. Live. In the present. Live now. Enjoy. Appreciate what you have. Accept imperfection. Float to the seasons of life.
rêve d'amarante
I HAVE A DREAM. Probably some of the most memorable 4 words in history. We all have dreams in life and we all sometimes close our eyes and dream away thinking about all the good things life has to offer. The French word for dream is Rêve, just a beautiful word, which even sounds like floating away and flying up high in the sky. Some people dream of wealth, others of happiness and most of us dream of a long and healthy life. One of the most famous and probably the most desired dream of humankind is the dream of an eternal, never ending or an unfading life. The ancient Greek already had a word for this: amarantos, which means unfading. This Greek word over time turned into several different derivates, of which the French word Amarante is nowadays used as a girl´s name and means: flower that never fades. Rêve D´Amarante – the TRINITY haircare Spring / Summer Collection 2018 – is all about flowers, about happy feeling, about a rich bouquet of coupes, styles, fashion and of course the beauty of women. Rêve D´Amarante, the dream of a flower that never fades, just like the hairstyles and the colours of TRINITY haircare!
Here we go – de nieuwe Internationale trend collectie RAWMANTIC voor het herfst / winter seizoen 2017/2018 is klaar! Meer dan ooit staat deze nieuwe collectie RAWMANTIC voor alle kernwaarden en de filosofie van TRINITY haircare. Als merk staan we voor verschillende contrasten zoals traditie en vooruitgang, natuur en urban lifestyle, vriendschap en business, maar ook voor: think local and act global. En dit is nu precies wat RAWMANTIC inhoudt – het combineert contrasten of tegenstellingen om het beste resultaat te bereiken. Vintage versus de laatste mode, rauw versus natuurlijk en clean, glad versus structuur, sterke kleuren versus natuurlijke kleuren. Daarbovenop laat onze nieuwe trend collectie RAWMANTIC duidelijk de internationaliteit en urbanity van TRINITY haircare zien – verschillende culturen ontmoeten elkaar en mixen hun stijlen, waardoor nieuwe, globale ideen en stijlen ontstaan. TRINITY haircare heeft deze globale richtingen vertaald in coole, eigentijdse hairstyles. Wij brengen deze richtingen, trends en nieuwe impulsen in jouw salon – met onze nieuwste trend collectie RAWMANTIC. Deze collectie is vrouwelijk, romantisch, wild, zelfbewust, klassiek en toch up-to-date. Net als TRINITY haircare!
lagoon royale
Met trots presenteren wij de nieuwe Trend Collectie van TRINITY haircare voor het voorjaar en de zomer van 2017: LAGOON ROYALE. Het European Artistic Team van TRINITY haircare is erin geslaagd verder te bouwen op recente trends, zowel algemene trends als de eigen recente trend collecties en product innovaties & ontwikkelingen van het merk zelf tijdens het tot stand brengen van de Spring / Summer trend collectie 2017 LAGOON ROYALE.
timeless : cosmopolitan
Onze nieuwe trend collectie "Timeless:Cosmopolitan" voor de herfst / winter 2016/2017. De collectie is geïnspireerd op de internationaal aanhoudende trend om trends uit het verleden te doen herleven en op de verdere globalisering van de wereld. Een knipoog naar de mode van de jaren 90 en een rauwe en edgy afwerking is waarschijnlijk de beste omschrijving van de totale kapsels binnen de Timeless:Cosmopolitan collectie van TRINITY haircare.
De trend collectie Take Two uit 2013 is de eerste internationaal gecreëerd collectie van TRINITY haircare. Ons European Artistic Team met leden uit Zwitserland, Duitsland en Nederland combineerde de laatste trend van metallic kleuren met de nieuwste knip- en stylingstechnieken.
Sunset BLVD
Sunset Blvd is de trend collectie voor de lente / zomer van 2016. Het vertegenwoordigt alle goede dingen in het voorjaar en de zomer en voelt net als een vakantie. Door de combinatie van zeer sterke en krachtige koper tinten met zeer vrouwelijk, maar toch chique en gedistingeerde zomer mode, onderscheidt Sunset Blvd zich op veel verschillende manieren.
sophisticated by nature
Sophisticated by nature is de trend collectie voor herfst / winter 2015/16. TRINITY haircare heeft gekozen voor een erg vrouwelijke, modieuze, subtiele, en verfijnde trendcollectie met behulp van een bruine/ zandkleurige/karamel basis met prachtige mengkleuren en een tone-in-tone kleur palet. Sophisticated by nature is het eindresultaat: geniet van de schoonheid van de natuur met TRINITY haircare.
ROCKS is de trendcollectie voor de lente / zomer 2015. De combinatie van rotsen, water en zonlicht toont vaak de mooiste kleuren en lichteffecten. Daarom is dit het hoofdthema van deze collectie. Dit thema staat centraal in de omgeving, de gekozen cut & style technieken, de kleurtechnieken en de mode en de make-up.
BELEAF IT!, de trendcollectie voor herfst / winter 2014/15, is gebaseerd op sterke kapsels, op rechte lijnen met een moderne twist, op mooie, diepe en intense kleuren van echt herfsttinten zoals aubergine, donkerrood en koper en op een veel textuur en structuur in het haar.